THE SEA KING Release Countdown T -12 Days


Only 12 more days until THE SEA KING!!

To celebrate the release, we’re counting down the days with fun and prizes.  Each day, from now until November 1st, drop by to join the celebration and answer the Question of the Day in the current day’s blog comment section to be entered to win.  (For sweepstakes rules and eligibility, click here.)

The Current Drawing

From now until 10am, Saturday, October 21st, stop by the C.L. Wilson blog to answer the Question of the Day (QoD) to be entered to win one of the current drawing’s fabulous prizes and receive a ticket in the Grand Prize drawing.  Each individual QoD you answer gets you another ticket in both the weekly and the Grand Prize prize drawings, so don’t be shy.

You can also comment multiple times a day, just to have fun and be involved, but each participant receives only one ticket in the drawing for each day’s blog post you comment on.  All responses will be tallied after comments close for the final post. The winners will be selected at random from all entries, with all winners of this week’s drawing posted on Tuesday, October 17th.

The Current Drawing’s Prizes

On Saturday, October 21st, random winners from the eligible pool will be selected to win one of the available prizes:

  • Autographed copy of THE SEA KING (one winner selected)
  • Autographed copy of THE WINTER KING (two winners selected)
  • Autographed copy of ONE ENCHANTED SEASON, the holiday anthology featuring C.L. Wilson’s novella, Upon a Midnight (one winner selected)
  • THE WINTER KING & THE SEA KING autographed Collector Cards and bookmarks (5 winners selected)
  • A $5 Tairen Bucks coupon, which can be used to purchase any item from The Tairen’s Lair, the online store for official C.L. Wilson merchandise (3 winners selected)
  • A complete set of signed Tairen Soul series Collector Cards (5 winners selected)
  • A Steli Chakai tairen plushy (1 winner)

What’s In that Grand Prize?

Two lucky winners will be chosen from all the daily participant tickets accrued throughout the countdown.  (The more you participate, the more tickets you get in the Grand Prize drawing.) Each winner will receive a basket containing the following:

  • Autographed copy of THE SEA KING
  • Autographed copy of THE WINTER KING
  • Autographed copy of ONE ENCHANTED SEASON, the holiday anthology featuring C.L. Wilson’s novella, Upon a Midnight
  • One complete set of autographed C.L. Wilson Collector Cards and bookmarks
  • A $20 Tairen Bucks coupon, which can be used to purchase any item from The Tairen’s Lair, the online store for official C.L. Wilson merchandise
  • Ellysetta Azreisa and Rainier Eras tairen plushies
  • Custom made scented lotion bars, lip balms, and bath salts inspired by the worlds of C.L. Wilson
  • Other trinkets, treats, and goodies that caught my eye

Question of the Day

What’s your idea of the perfect novel hero? (The qualities you admire most, find most entertaining to read, whatever makes you go – “this character is great!”) 



anglia tate

  on October 19, 2017 :

A fierce/over protected male who is tamed by the love of a strong/warrior woman. I also like when the characters have a uncommon/weird scene of humor.


  on October 19, 2017 :

Fierce, loyal, witty, cunning, passionate, maybe a little arrogant, powerful: physically and magically (if it applies to the story) patient, daring and a little mysterious at first.

Aly P

  on October 19, 2017 :

I love alpha heroes who have a sense of humor(black, self-depreciating, doesn’t matter), charisma, and respects women.

Robin K Bagley

  on October 19, 2017 :

It’s kinda cliche but I like heros who are in a sense “redeemed” by their partner. Like they’ve led a less than perfect life, but their partner accepts them and sees the good in them, which in turn inspires the hero to become that better person. Those less-than-perfect heros are more “real,” which I really like!


  on October 19, 2017 :

I like main characters who are introspective – not just telling the reader what is going on around them, but what they are thinking/feeling too. I like to feel like I know who they are when I am reading their story. I like to see their growth and transformation with their experiences. Kindness, empathy, bravery, wisdom, and strength are always traits I value.

Heather Hutchinson

  on October 19, 2017 :

Kind and courageous

Rebekah Cowan

  on October 19, 2017 :

Witty, smart, kind (not all the time but moments of it for sure), values the heroine for her brain as much as her beauty

Kim Marie

  on October 19, 2017 :

To me, overcoming their flaws/issues enough to truly be on that hero’s journey. I like them to be a bit messy and come out on top.

Molly Shahly

  on October 19, 2017 :

I like someone who is strong emotionally but not “tough” to the point they are just rude and disrespectful. Also sometimes characters who are tough just can’t even have a realistic and meaningful relationship with other. I love when they are just genuinely good people who inspire loyalty and love in other people and who make me want to be on their side.

Melissa Esser

  on October 19, 2017 :

I do like a “real” hero. Drives me nuts if it is too cheesy. It isn’t so much the character’s traits but more how the author describes them and how the author has them think. A great author can make you love the “bad guy” because of the talent in their writing and style. I do think it is really the author.

Amista Phillips

  on October 19, 2017 :

Honest and funny!!

Amanda Warner

  on October 19, 2017 :

I want the hero to be ultimately “good” but I don’t mind if he has to get his hands dirty for those he loves. Trustworthy and honesty go a long way too! Although, skating the truths edge (like the fey) is okay occasionally. I love humor in my hero. Even if its dry and dark. I want to know and feel how much they are attracted and “want” their chosen partner. I need to feel that electricity between them! The hero needs to be fierce and strong for those who rely upon him. Loyal, fair and true. Oh! And patience. Whether that patience is used for plotting the down fall of an enemy or for waiting out their headstrong lass! I like seeing them plan out the long game. Clever and wit is a must too. And, last but not least I tend to favor my hero men to have dark hair and blue eyes! LOL! Just a thing of mine =D

Kay Mansfield

  on October 19, 2017 :

very tough kick but guy with a great sense of humor that makes me laugh and who is very smart and sly to keep enemies guessing.


  on October 19, 2017 :

He must cherish his heroine and protect her. He’s loving and devoted.


  on October 19, 2017 :

Loyal, romantic, funny, brave, and clever.


  on October 19, 2017 :

Sense of humor, wit, strength of character, physically strong, intelligence, loyal, protective

Tammy Waggoner

  on October 19, 2017 :

My idea of the perfect novel hero would be a character who is strong, funny, loyal to family/friends, smart, and kind. I love reading stories where the character has a great bond with family/friends, where I can’t stop laughing, and where the hero grows as a character in strength, power (magic), and in general.

Rex Anne

  on October 19, 2017 :

I like the byplay between the hero and the heroine. The hero should be very masculine and have intelligence while maintaining his shell around him. The heroine breaks down his shield and they grow with each other are the best couples.

Kat T.

  on October 19, 2017 :

I like the alphahole hero who later on gets redeemed, and becomes a super nice guy after all. However, at the end of the day, the hero still has to retain some of that alphahole-ness, he just doesn’t use it on the heroine anymore. He uses his traits to fight for the heroine and protect her instead.

LeeAnn De La Cruz

  on October 19, 2017 :

I like very masculine and rugged hero characters. I like them to be jealous and mean but treat their love interest like a queen. I look for the character to have a broken past that makes it hard to be vulnerable so it will be satisfying to have them open up to their love interest in a way they’ve never opened up to anyone else. Those qualities make me fall for the hero too.

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