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Alexia Cervello

  on June 5, 2024  -     Brookly, NY

So much love from The Ripped Bodice-Brooklyn!!! One of our favorite authors!

Wilsom gary

  on May 1, 2024  -     Alabama



  on April 12, 2024  -     Delaware

Hi Wilson! I just finished reading The Winter King and The Sea King, and I am totally obsessed with Mystral now! Just wanted to write this and say thank you for creating Dily Merimydiom (the gods’ gift to women lol) and I can’t wait for The Jaguar King to release!! I have to know what happens next!

Breanna G.

  on February 23, 2024  -     Washington State

I read the whole Tairen souls series and found it AMAZING! Beautifully written, reading it felt like I was living it. You are my favorite author and I am STOKED to see what awaits for us readers next in that world. Thank you for all you do!!

Oda Karlsen

  on February 12, 2024  -     Norway

I read the winter King in January and it’s become one of my favourite books of all time and I can’t stop thinking about it. Can’t wait to catch up on your other books and hope you’ll continue writing new ones. Trying to get myself a physical copy of the winter king as a prized trophy, but apparently no places that ships to Norway have it in stock, which is outrageous!


  on February 12, 2024  -     Mexico

Your books have become my endless source of joy! I keep rereading them to fuel my heart! Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do!

Seraya C

  on January 23, 2024  -     California

I wanted to thank you for your writing. The Winter King is my favorite book I have ever read and cannot get enough of it. I have done at least 5 rereads at this point. I also read the Sea King and am starting Lord of the Fading Lands. I can’t wait to read the rest of the Mystral series! Thank you for being you!

LaLonnie Williams

  on January 16, 2024

PopCulture Book Tok


  on January 9, 2024  -     Oklahoma!

I love all of your books! But the Tairensoul has been a longtime favorite!


  on December 23, 2023

I’m so glad I decided to make The Winter King my 100th book read for the year!! That book has a chokehold on me!! I just finished The Sea King and I can’t wait to see what fate holds the last two weathermages!! Thank you for all you do!! happy writing 🙂

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