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Betty Metzger

  on April 14, 2021  -     Mississippi

Loved your Tarin soul series and I have read and reread the Winter King and Sea King. I have signed up for your newsletter and I am hoping to find out when Spring or Autumn will get their story. Love your work.

Abida Marajh

  on April 2, 2021  -     Miami, Fl

Hello!! I love all of your books. Let your novellas be full lengths!!! Your books are a warm cookie and cup of milk on my darkest days. Thank you for your imagination and the fact that you share that with the world. ❤️❤️

Caleigh Houghton

  on February 25, 2021  -     Canada

I just finished the Tairen Soul series, and it’s now my favourite series I’ve ever read! I couldn’t do anything else once I started reading the first book and I finished the series in a week. I started with the weather mages books, and so I’ve now read all your novels! You’re my absolute favourite author, and I can’t wait to read everything else you write in the future. In the mean time, I’ll have to read your short stories and all of the other Fading Lands content on your website. Your worlds are incredibly detailed and magical, and your stories so complex. You spin so many emotions into your stories, sorrow, anger, joy, love, and lust, all entwined to create a beautiful, vibrant world that captures my heart and mind. Thank you so much for the amazing gift you’ve given me and all your readers!


  on December 15, 2020  -     USA

Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of mankind. I was hooked the moment Rain stepped out of the sky and into Ellysetta’s life. I have enjoyed the highs and survived the lows page by page. Your characters are so rich and have so much depth I feel like I could bump into them while walking down the street excluding the magical abilities. You’ve raised the bar with the Tairen Soul and Weathermages of Mystral Series. They have me wishing I was a time traveler so I could simultaneously go back to the moment I first picked up Lord of the Fading Lands and fast forward to the last page of Autumn’s story. Count me as a life long fan who appreciates your work and will cheer on each new piece of material. I have re-read the preview of The Jaguar King almost as often as I’ve re-read each book LOL. I know the best things in life take time. Your books are well worth the wait. Be Blessed.


  on December 10, 2020  -     Österreich

Hello c.l. Wilson. Do you already know when Jaguar King will be released? I can’t wait to read. I love your mystral series. Greats

Naomi Searight

  on November 13, 2020  -     Michigan

Thank you for your worlds that I can travel to.

Christina Taylor

  on September 16, 2020

Ever since accidentally picking up Lady of Light and Shadows in my freshman year of high school, I have been enraptured in your Fading Lands series. I went back to read the first book after finishing the first. I’m 30 now and Fading Lands is by far my favorite series and to this day I frequently give the series to friends as gifts! I imagine how the book would translate to film as I’m going to sleep some nights as well. I truly appreciate your skill as a writer and want to thank you for this series from the bottom of my heart!

C.L. Wilson

  on September 24, 2020

Thanks so much! :)

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