I’m writing a book. How do I go about getting published?

My best advice to anyone wanting to be a published author is the following:

Join a writers group. There are a number of excellent writers organizations out there who accept unpublished members. For any sort of genre fiction, I strongly recommend Romance Writers of America. For anyone writing genre fiction (not just romance), the basic craft, characterization, plotting, self-editing, etc. workshops available through RWA can be more helpful than a 4 year creative writing degree (which I have).

Get critique partners. Look for people around your same level, but with different strengths. Though writing is a solitary occupation, very few writers truly "go it alone." Analyze what you do best and where you think your greatest weaknesses lie. Try to find critique partners who can help you with your weakness and who also need your particular strengths.

Attend writing conferences / seminars to learn your craft, network, meet editors/agents, etc.

Enter writing contests that provide feedback and critiques of your work.

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I’ve written a book. Will you read my manuscript and tell me what you think?

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I’ve written a book and it’s being published. Will you read my manuscript for a possible cover quote?

Please have your editor or agent contact my agent Michelle Grajkowski at Three Seas Literary Agency (threeseaslit@aol.com). Michelle handles all endorsement requests and will pass them on to me if my schedule permits.

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