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New KOSS Cover Third in the Tairen Soul series, and one of my favorites for so many reasons (hello, Steli!), KING OF SWORD AND SKY is also currently available for print pre-orders with its fabulous new cover. Check it out at, Barnes & Noble and Books A Million and pre-order your copy today.












A Long-Awaited New Chapter from the Fading Lands

To celebrate the re-release of my beloved Tairen Soul series, I’m thrilled to announce a brand new novel from the world of the Fading Lands.

She was born without magic and bound into slavery.

Now free from the evil that had controlled her since birth, Melliandra flees the shattered remains of her underground prison in search of a safe place where she can raise the magically-gifted infants she rescued from the Mages.

But the dark forests of Eld are filled with dangerous Mages who escaped the destruction of their fortresses…and bands of fierce Fey warriors determined to hunt them down.

Both groups would give anything to claim the children who represent the culmination the late High Mage’s thousand-year effort to breed a Tairen Soulor secure Melliandra’s pregnant Fey companion, Nicolene, whose unborn child may very well be the Tairen Soul the High Mage had hoped to create.

Winter is coming. The babies need food, safety, and shelter. Fey and Mage alike roam the forests of Eld. With every step, Nicolene sows the seeds of Amarynth, the flower of life, that will bloom in an unmistakeable trail anyone could follow.

And the magic that has lain dormant in Melliandra from birth is now awakening with a vengeance. A dark magic, reviled and forbidden by the Fey and embraced by the Mages.

Azreisenahn. The soul magic. Better known as Azrahn.

Thanks from Me to You

This book is a long overdue thank you to every fan of the Fading Lands who wrote to ask: “What happened to Melliandra and the babies?” It seems fitting, now that Avon is re-releasing the Tairen Soul series, to celebrate that release with this next chapter in that story.

Please be aware, this is not a romance. Melliandra is still too young. (Though she will get her romance.)

Look for Melliandra summer 2024, in ebook and print on demand formats.

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