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Mary K

  on February 23, 2012  -     New Mexico

I just love this series. Than you so much for such exciting stories and characters.


  on February 21, 2012  -     Kansas

I love your books! And i hope you continue to write about the fey’s.


  on February 20, 2012

I love these books i ordered the first one after it was suggested on amazon then ordered the next 2 and waited for the last two to come out and now i’m waiting for the next adventure!!


  on February 20, 2012

Congratulations! The new website looks great, Cheryl! Looking foward to your new book Winter King. In the mean time I’ll be going back to the Fading Lands to pass the time 😉

Ileah Nicole

  on February 20, 2012

Absolutely adore this series! I am currently reading through it for the fifth time. No matter how many times I read it, the characters still manage to make me laugh.

Paisley Kirkpatrick

  on February 20, 2012

Your stories captivated me from the start and I cannot believe I read for an entire weekend because I couldn’t put the first one down. 🙂 You website is amazing. A job well done!


  on February 19, 2012  -     Oahu, HI

Oh my gosh! I love the new website! Thank you CL Wilson and of course the ‘web master.’ Its a beautiful update! I am looking forward to reading more from you C.L. and hoping for more stories of the wonderful world you originally created. xoxo

Mary Call

  on September 12, 2011  -     wyoming, michigan

Love,love,love this quintet! I have all my family and friends reading these! Can hardly wait to see what happens next. Please, please go on with the series!So many characters I need to know what happens to. Bel is the perfect Fey to choose next. So glad you choose him to continue the story!


  on September 8, 2011  -     PA

I love these books! I am reading them again for the 3rd time.. Can’t wait for a new book or series!

Jen Hopwood

  on September 3, 2011  -     United Kingdom

This is the best series I have read in a long time (and as an English major I read a LOT). I borrowed the first book for my holiday and have devoured all five one day at a time! Thank you for creating such an involving and fantastic world and I really wish you all the success this series deserves. Please keep writing!

julie ann credo

  on September 2, 2011  -     philippines

i love your books!!


  on August 31, 2011  -     Alberta, Canada

Just discovered Lord of the Fading lands yesterday,and read non-stop till the end. Absolutely fantastic read, rare to find such as story that pulls me in so deeply that I cannot tear myself away. Have started on LofL&Shadow and so looking forward to the remainder of the series..I hope it will never end!

Valleen Mertens

  on August 24, 2011  -     Nashville, TN

Just stopping by to say “Hi” and let you know you are appreciated for sharing your dreams.


  on August 18, 2011  -     CORCORAN, CA

I love your books and am greatly missing the fading lands. Can’t wait for Bel and Gaelen to get their books. And won’t the Baristani twins have their books as well with Kieran and Kiel? Can’t wait to see what comes out next. Thanks so much for your awesome work. MOnica

Debra Silas

  on August 15, 2011  -     Haleyville, AL 35565

I love your books. I have been going to The cancer Treatment center of America in Philadelphia and a friend gave me the first three of your books about Rain and Ellasetta to take with me. I am so glad I found your website so I can eventully get the last two in the series. I just want you to know that your books took me to another world when I needed to check out of ours for awhile. Thank God I do not have cancer and just have to go for check-ups once a year. Thank You so much for just being there with your beautiful stories that lifted my heart when I needed it.


  on August 14, 2011  -     Germany

Dear Cheryl, I wanna thank you for writing those phenomenal books. Can’t wait to read more of them. I love the english covers, but I dont understand why they have to be so diffrent to the german covers? Anyway, hope that I can watch the books in cinema someday. LAS Rosaria

Lexi Richmond

  on August 9, 2011  -     evansville,IN

hi i just LOVE everything about Tairen Soul!!!!!!!!

Deborah Allen

  on August 4, 2011

I Love this series and I really hope you will be bring us another series soon!!!

Gail Arsenault

  on August 3, 2011  -     Canada

I loved this series. when the final book came out I reread every book before it arrived so I could be up on the story again. Gave myself a horrendous headache but it was well worth it! Write the next book soon!

Kimmy Franks

  on August 2, 2011  -     West Columbia, South Carolina

I am literally addicted to your books. I have read them all 28 times so far and I just keep reading them over and over. I can not even read any other books cause when I try, I can not get into them. I would like you to write a sixth book to this series. I want to know what happens when things settle down after their bonding ceremony? What does Lord Shan do to Tenn for threatening and reviling his daughter? What kind of mate bond does Kieran and Kiel have with Lillis and Lorelle? What happened with Melliandra and the shei’dalin Nicolene? I need to know these things. Please please please write a another book to answer some of these questions that was left up in the air with Crown of Crystal Flame.

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