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  on February 20, 2014

Just completed the first two Fading Land books. I really enjoyed them and could not put down. looking forward to reading the 3rd.


  on December 22, 2013  -     Australia

Your Tairen Soul series was an easy read, very hard to put down. Can’t wait for your new book(s).


  on December 21, 2013

Love your writing. Upon a Midnight, was a lovely sexy short. Tairen Soul series is in my top 5. I can’t wait for The Winter King


  on December 10, 2013

I love your fading land series, I have re-read them so many times. I can’t wait to read your newest and hope it is as good as the others. I also hope that you will eventually revisit the fading lands to check up on our favorite characters and see where they are.


  on November 14, 2013  -     CANADA

Hey, I have to say your Tairen Soul book are amazing…the best I have read in a very long time. I wish there were more series to this book. I can’t wait for the upcoming books. Great Read! –

C Johnson

  on August 29, 2013  -     Jax Fl

I just found the first two books and love them. Rain and Elli are great.. Thanks so much for introducing them to us all!!


  on August 19, 2013  -     Georgia

My mother and I absolutely loved the Fading Lands series. I have so many questions about Galen and Melliandra recognizing something about each other and where Melliandra is going from here. She’s obviously very powerful. And of course, we have the same questions about Annoura after all that’s happened, and Kiel and Kieran! Please don’t stop! I can’t wait for the new book, but I really want to hear something new about the fading lands!

Danita Wickstrom

  on August 9, 2013  -     Ronald, WA

I NEED to know the rest of their stories: The twins, Kieran and Kiel, Bel, Galaen, Melliandra and Nicolene and the children,and of course the child/ren of Rain and Elysetta. And you left Hawksheart floating in a mirror. We all need more, please. I absolutely adore your writing.


  on July 21, 2013  -     Germany

Hey ! I’m a 14 year old girl from germany and I love your books. I’ve read all of them over 3 times. The magic of the story reached my heart and I would like to live in the fading lands too. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS ! Nice greats from Germany, Becci

Denise Brown

  on May 30, 2013  -     Brooklyn, NY

Just sent email, as stated found Fading Lands story which lead me to the other 4. Had the pleasure your reading them in order. And like many of your other fans, wait with bated breath for the The Winter King. Also wondering about additional stories re Kieran/Lillis, Kiel/Lorelle, Bel, Gaelen, Nicolene and Melliandra(/Farel?).


  on May 12, 2013

Dear C.L.Wilson, i´m a german reader. I´m sorry for my english. I read the storys about the fading Lands the books are so brilliant :-). I hope that you write about the twins and their soulmates kiel and Kieran Bel and Gaelen and his “soulmate”. And i hope that your other storys will be translate in german someday thanks for your storys 🙂

Shar Anderson

  on March 22, 2013  -     Maine

Hello Cheryl…I am an old old New Englander that has enjoyed your books on a cold winter’s night…need to get that warm feeling again…when is Winter King coming out…Please!!

Leila Van Laken

  on March 18, 2013  -     Belgium (Europe)

I nearly finished the 5th book of TS series and i must say: it’s brilliant!! I hope you will always keep writing. And please give Kiel, Kieran and the twins their own love story to be continued. 🙂 I even settle for etanitsa. I believe it’s what Ellysetta would want for her sisters in the Fading Lands; no danger of dying before the bond is complete and still being utterly loved by Kieran and Kiel. 🙂 But of course, it’s your story to write. I am sure you’ll deliver many times more! 🙂

Candy Yiu

  on March 5, 2013  -     Hong Kong

Dear Wilson I’m your big fan after reading the Fading land series. I do really want to know when your new book Winter King will be released for I keep checking but can’t find the date. Waiting for your good news!

Janet Capeling

  on March 3, 2013  -     England

Just absolutely love your books. I have the whole series and feel as if I belong in the fading lands with Rain and Elysetta. Can’t wait for more – please hurry up with Bel’s story. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!


  on January 28, 2013

I love the Fading Lands! I’ve re-read the series so many times, but Ellysetta and Rain’s story never gets old. I can’t wait to read the Winter King and finally revisit the Fading lands again for Bel’s story.

Susan Dizon

  on December 29, 2012  -     Auckland, New Zealand

Lord of the Fading Lands & King of Sword and Sky were the very first books I borrowed from our local library.I was really hooked as in I ditched the TV, magazines & newspapers & was so engrossed with it.Having bought myself a tablet ths christmas, I downloaded the 3 other books I was missing and its keeping me busy & entertain while on x’mas holiday. I couldn’t get enough of them. I hope and really hope that you could write books as well for the other characters Bel, Gaelen, Kieran & Kiel.

Avis Strauser

  on December 20, 2012  -     El Dorado, California

Thank you so much for writing the Tairen Soul series. I await with baited breath the next stories from the Fading Lands!

Dani Neeley

  on December 16, 2012

I just sent an email so I’ll try not to repeat much but, I do have to say you have the most wonderful view and stories about the fey and the magical world! I absolutely love getting lost in your books! Thank you for providing my escape routes!!


  on December 12, 2012

i really love The Tairen Soul series i got the audiobook and the books must have listen to them 3 or 4 time now lol i cannot wait for the winter king hope Bel find a true man

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