Return to the Fading Lands with a new C.L. Wilson Short story!


I’m thrilled to announce, that after six years, I’ve finally had a chance to return to the Fading Lands, with a short story about Shannisorran vel Celay.

13Thirty Books asked twenty-six authors to agree to write stories based on the Tarot, with the cards determining which stories the authors would write. Each author was assigned a tarot card, and asked to write a short story inspired by that tarot card and its traits.

I was assigned the Ace of Swords, and the first name that came to my mind was, of course, Shannisorran vel Celay, Lord Death, the greatest warrior the Fading Lands has ever known.  The Never Fear anthologies are horror shorts, and considering all the creepy monsters and evil villains that lurk in the dark corners of Eloran, I thought it would be a great time to explore a villain we haven’t seen before.

In my short story, A Good Day to Die, Shan sets out on what he intends to be his last battle as he leads his men into the hive of a powerful Drogon Blood Lord.  Shan is a warrior of incredible honor and strength of will, but even that may not be enough to stand up to the insidious magic of the evil Blood Lord Malvern.

I hope you enjoy this short. Check out the excerpt and more here.

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  on August 12, 2023 : Reply

I also just finished your Tairen Soul series with Crown of Crystal Flame. Please tell me there will be another book on what happened with Melliandra and Nicolene. You left me feeling that there is much more to come.


  on August 7, 2023 : Reply

I’m sure that these will be great! Looking forward to reading it! I hope that Melliandra is in one of those tarots. I would love to know what happened to her and the babies she fled with. I have read the stories of the fading lands so many times that all of my books are falling apart. Lol ! Would love to know what has happened to Autumn,Spring,and Falcon as well


  on April 27, 2023 : Reply

Just finished the Tairen Soul series and loved it! But what the heck happens to Melliandre and Gaelen???!!! Please tell me you have their story in the works? Would also like to know what happens with the twins and Kieran and Kiel?! Both of these loose ends need tying up! Please and thank you! 🙂


  on January 24, 2023 : Reply

Loved the Tairen soul series. I read all 5 in a week!
Can we get a Gaelen spin off? Please🤲🏾

Melody Nygren

  on October 10, 2021 : Reply

Just finished crown of crystal flame. Thank you! But I feel a love story quest is missing…Galen and Melliandra! She has so much to explore in her new world and with magical children at her side.


  on October 8, 2017 : Reply

Can I just tell you how much I adore your books?! I just discovered your work and in the past 2 weeks have read The Winter King and all of the Tairen Soul books. I can’t get enough!! You’re one of the best writers I’ve come across in a long time (this is coming from someone who reads almost a book a day even though I’m in grad school and have little time).

Will you be writing any short stories about Lillis/Kieran and Lorelle/Kiel? It was hinted that they would be mates in the future but I would LOVE to read about it actually happening 10 or 12 years (or however long) after the ending of Crown of Crystal Flame. Please, please, please?? I can’t get the possibilities of how the interaction would go out of my head. Thank you for your amazing work!!


  on September 11, 2017 : Reply

I love the fading land I read all 5 in two week but some things in the end didn’t really end. Like what happened to Melliandra and Nicolene? Etcetera. These are the best books I have ever read I laughed I cried. And didn’t want the books to end. Thank you for writing books like these.

C.L. Wilson

  on September 21, 2017

Hi Danielle, We’ll be seeing more of Nicolene and Melliandra. In fact I’m working on some short stories about them now. 🙂


  on October 26, 2016 : Reply

So cool!! My dream is to read Shan and Elfeya’s love story. 😀

Josephine Coleman

  on October 25, 2016 : Reply

I have been checking up on you! LOL Well it’s true every other week , or more, I’ve been circling out your website for some good news. And I finally found it today! Yay, I’m so happy!! I just bought the Never fear the Tarot eBook! Words are not enough on how happy happy joy joy I feel at this moment! I finally get too visit and share Shan’s emotions on his deadly but honorably mission. Oh, I cannot wait to read it!! Thanks Cheryl! I truly hope to read more books form you very very soon. God Bless you!

Tammy Volovnik

  on October 21, 2016 : Reply

Finally a story to read from ya. Pulling out my pitchfork and poking you to write faster. LOL

C.L. Wilson

  on October 21, 2016

LOL. I’m working on it!

Gina Christy

  on October 20, 2016 : Reply

Sooooooo excited!!!!

Lynn Froke

  on October 20, 2016 : Reply

I can’t wait!

Mary Haselwood

  on October 20, 2016 : Reply

Want to read more,so good.

Laura Burke

  on October 20, 2016 : Reply

So excited to read this and return to the Fading Lands.

christina gerrald

  on October 20, 2016 : Reply

Thank goodness, I’ve been waiting for a return to the fading lands.

Gail Truax

  on October 20, 2016 : Reply

I’ve been waiting and now the wait is over. YAE!

C.L. Wilson

  on October 20, 2016

I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 I had fun writing it, and it made me want to write Shan and Elfeya’s story.