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Sea King CoverI had several books get a little banged up in shipping to/from Readers ‘N ‘Ritas last year, so I’m going to do a giveaway to five winners. Up for grabs: 2 copies of SEA KING, and one each of KING OF SWORD AND SKY, QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS, and CROWN OF CRYSTAL FLAME. They aren’t horribly damaged, just a little too bent around the edges for me to sell at the Tairen’s Lair.King of Sword and Sky Book

For a chance to win one of these books (which I will sign for you), just (a) join my mailling list (signup is on the homepage of clwilson.com) and (b) comment ON THIS BLOG (located at clwilson.com/blog, not on of the syndicated postings on Facebook, or Amazon, or Goodreads) one of your favorite scenes from one of your favorite books and why you love it.  Doesn’t have to be one of my books 🙂  Flattery will get you everywhere with me, LOL, but I’m going to be doing a random.org drawing to choose the winners.
Queen of Song and Souls Book
PLEASE BE AWARE: if you get selected by random.org, but I can’t find your email on my mailing list, I will pick someone else in your place. Crown of Crystal Flame Book

And just because I still have a lot of books to give away, I’ll also give away five (5) signed copies of THE SEA KING to members of my mailing list, who will be drawn at random.

Got it?  Great…so share the deets about one of your favorite scenes from one of your favorite books, and tell me why you love it so.

I’ll pick winners next Monday.


C.L. Wilson

  on February 6, 2018 :

Thanks everyone. Comments are closed. Winners to be announced shortly.

Kirsten Ferrigan

  on February 4, 2018 :

I honestly don’t think I can pick a favorite scene! I absolutely love all of these books! Definitely one of my go to authors to recommend to friends!


  on February 4, 2018 :

I love the Tairen Soul series re-read them so much that the books are quite worn so I brought them on kindle. I have so many favourite sences. One is Steli knocking. I laugh every time.


  on February 4, 2018 :

My favourite scene from a book, well there are many! I love Emma by Jane Austen, The Last Herald Mage Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and The Last Tairen Soul series by yourself, CL Wilson. Since I most recently re-read the Last Tairen Soul series, I’ll pick my favourite scene from the first book.

When Ellie calls Rain down from the sky, when her pain cries out to him and he comes down from the sky like an avenging angel, well, it sets my heart to racing each time.

I remember when I first came across the first book in the Tairen Soul series, I saw an excerpt in a Christine Feehan book (Dark Desire, I think!) and I was hooked. I bought up all the books I could and read them so quickly! I don’t much re-read books, but I’ve re-read the Tairen Soul series a handful of times. Each time I’m sucked in to the story and I never want to leave.

Thank you for continuously giving us such amazing stories to read! The Last Tairen Soul series is a favourite, and I’ve loved both the Weathermages of Mystral books, and I look forward to what’s coming next!