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Sea King CoverI had several books get a little banged up in shipping to/from Readers ‘N ‘Ritas last year, so I’m going to do a giveaway to five winners. Up for grabs: 2 copies of SEA KING, and one each of KING OF SWORD AND SKY, QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS, and CROWN OF CRYSTAL FLAME. They aren’t horribly damaged, just a little too bent around the edges for me to sell at the Tairen’s Lair.King of Sword and Sky Book

For a chance to win one of these books (which I will sign for you), just (a) join my mailling list (signup is on the homepage of clwilson.com) and (b) comment ON THIS BLOG (located at clwilson.com/blog, not on of the syndicated postings on Facebook, or Amazon, or Goodreads) one of your favorite scenes from one of your favorite books and why you love it.  Doesn’t have to be one of my books :)  Flattery will get you everywhere with me, LOL, but I’m going to be doing a random.org drawing to choose the winners.
Queen of Song and Souls Book
PLEASE BE AWARE: if you get selected by random.org, but I can’t find your email on my mailing list, I will pick someone else in your place. Crown of Crystal Flame Book

And just because I still have a lot of books to give away, I’ll also give away five (5) signed copies of THE SEA KING to members of my mailing list, who will be drawn at random.

Got it?  Great…so share the deets about one of your favorite scenes from one of your favorite books, and tell me why you love it so.

I’ll pick winners next Monday.


Melissa Esser

  on January 31, 2018 :

A favorite book scene is like picking my favorite dessert, lol. Probably would have to be when Harry goes to Diagon Alley for the first time. The magic of it is becoming real to Harry is astounding.


  on January 31, 2018 :

I’m in, I signed up for the blog news letter.😁

marta cox

  on January 31, 2018 :

Love your magical stories, thanks for doing a giveaway

Elizabeth aiello

  on January 31, 2018 :

I love your books, but one of my favorites is from Dragonsong (read when I was high school). Menolly has run away from the hold & living in a cave. She gets caught catching crabs/crawlers? when Thread begins to fall. Runs for cover & ends up in cave used by Firelizards nesting & saves most of a clutch from dying by feeding them her catch. First book in the Harper hall of Pern trilogy.

Lori Sang

  on January 31, 2018 :

Awesome giveaway. Thanks!


  on January 30, 2018 :

I enjoy the courtship of Rain and Ellie in Lord of the Fading Lands the most. There isn’t one particular scene that comes to mind. I just find it funny that a man of Rain’s status is too proud to admit he’s weak or vulnerable when in fact he is just that because he’s falling in love. The whole courtship is just beautifuly played out. I love it.


  on January 30, 2018 :

Love your books, can’t wait for you to get back to the taran souls.

Carol Ann Ostavitz

  on January 30, 2018 :

I love every book by you, Christine Feehan , and sherrilyn Kenyon. But the one scene I recall that stands out to me is when Khamsin finally Unleashed her power for the first time the winter King.


  on January 30, 2018 :

Favorite scene is in Dark Demon by Christine Feehan, where Natalya meets Vikirnoff for the first time fighting the vampires. Love the humor in the middle of a fight for their lives. Favorite scene from your books is in king of Sword and Sky where they all enter the city celebrating Dax and Marissa’s pregnancy and the returning warriors who are blood sworn to Ellysetta. Although I love the entire series, I could mention so many scenes from King of Sword and Sky as that was my favorite of the series.

Nikki Austria

  on January 30, 2018 :

When Rain fell from the sky to protect Elysetta in the first book 😊

Maghann Jolly

  on January 30, 2018 :

I don’t really have a favorite per se as I enjoyed the Tauren soul series immensely. The way you draw a reader into your characters just makes the story all the more enjoyable! Thank you for sharing with us ❤️

Linda Townsend

  on January 30, 2018 :

I couldn’t get enough of Dilys’ courting of Gabriella… He had to work so hard!

Lisa Ayers

  on January 30, 2018 :

Cheryl, I love the scene where Elysetta finally gets her wings. I also love “Steli is knocking” and how Steli cares for Ellysetta. SOOOooooo many great moments in the series. :)

Rebekah Lyness

  on January 30, 2018 :

Long time fan (and favourite Aussie stalker here). Can I please ask, how am I supposed to choose just one scene. There’s the “Aha” scene where Rain and Ellie’ are saving the unborn Tarien’s and the Mage marking. (trying to allude to the scene without giving away a spoiler for people who haven’t read all the books) Then the passage about not all battles can be won in Queen. Any scene with Rowan vel Arquinas but most especially then one where he jumps into the Well of Souls (note until CL tells me otherwise he is kicking butt and taking names in there)

Sherie Blythe

  on January 30, 2018 :

I’m already signed up for mailing list (even though I never get anything from it 😕), but I love your books! I’ve been really bummed lately because I had to put all my belongings in storage so I can’t read them again. Would love to win any of them, I don’t care if they are banged up, I’ll take them!!!

Mitzi Cason

  on January 30, 2018 :

I love this series.

Janice Rahn Francis

  on January 30, 2018 :

I absolutely adore your storytelling. Getting started on the Fey series again. Never tire of your books.


  on January 30, 2018 :

Your tairen soul series books are the best I have ever read I crave more. And wish I could fly with Steli or weave magic with the fey


  on January 30, 2018 :

pride and prejudice- when Mrs. Bennett finds out about Bingley because it’s funny

Nicole Blanchard

  on January 30, 2018 :

My favorite ***SPOILER*** scene was in The Sea King, but I don’t want to spoil it, but I will say it has to do with the sisters. 😀