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Tiffany Birchard

  on March 21, 2016  -     Missouri

I adore the books, hoping there will be more coming from the fading lands. <3

Val Miller

  on February 28, 2016

Crown of Crystal Flames ending was great. I felt like I walked across the barren land and was so excited when they made the crystal.


  on February 20, 2016  -     South Chesterfield, VA

Hi Cheryl,
I was wondering why you didn’t put into your new website my favorite item: special quotes taken from all of your books. Will it make a splashing comeback? If so, that would be truly a dream come true! Please truly reconsider it.
And also, please reconsider the giveaways/contest drawing of a personally signed book.(like The Tairen Soul series) It was a nail biting wait every month to see who won. Thank you.
By the way I do so love the recipe contest you recently introduced. Thanks so much
Your biggest fan,
Josephine Coleman

Cheryl Wilson

  on May 17, 2016

There should be some, Jo :) I’m limited as to the number of quotes I can include on this new website, but they’re there on the home page.

Katherine Bohannon

  on February 15, 2016  -     Quincy, FL

I loved your Tairen Soul books and cannot wait to start the new series. Buying the book as soon as I can.

Manuel Fredrick

  on February 12, 2016  -     Wahpeton

I am great fan of CL Wilson and that is reason I visited this page.


  on February 10, 2016

I absolutely love your Fading Lands series. Are there any plans to make the Rain and Elly”s story into a movie series? I would LOVE to see them come to life!

Cheryl Wilson

  on May 17, 2016

Thanks so much, Kim. Alas, making a movie of my series would require substantial millions of dollars and a movie company interested in producing it. At present, I have neither of those things, but I would certainly be open to any offers that came up.

Micheal Griffin

  on January 19, 2016  -     Jacksonville,Fl

I have loved all of your books from the very beginning and I am DYING for the next book in the weathermages!!!! I know great works of art take time BUT I can’t wait for the next installment! !!

Tonia Alexander

  on January 14, 2016  -     Canada

when are you going to go back into the fey land

Shaelene Ross

  on December 16, 2015  -     Bradenton, FL

Wonderful writer! I couldn’t put this series down! Definitely worth reading again!

James Gober

  on December 6, 2015  -     Jacksonville, FL. USA

Loved the Tairen Soul series, great read!


  on February 21, 2015  -     Germany

Kind regards from Germany. Their books were an enrichment for me and I wish very much that it, nevertheless, one more continuation gives. I would know very much with pleasure what happens with Lillis and Lorelle. Will her true companions find both in her protectors? Please, further write. Greeting Tina

Darlene Oreschnick

  on May 23, 2014  -     Pueblo, Colorado

I’ve just finished reading Lady of Light and Shadows and you’ve got me hooked. I’m generally NOT a fan of fantasy, but I gave your books a chance, and it paid off. At first I thought your story was a bit ‘Cinderella’ but I was impressed with your beautiful fey language and the detail you instilled in your fantasy world. The fey character Rain’s backstory is very compelling.All of your characters have depth, which really drew me into your world. As for the romance, you’ve got a fantastic love story without seeming silly or obscene. Thank you for a highly entertaining and very beautiful series.

Denise Smith

  on March 9, 2014  -     U K

I have just finished the Tairen Soul series and have enjoyed it so much. Thank you C L Wilson for a beautiful story.

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