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Billie Rush

  on January 3, 2018  -     Denton, TX

Loving everything you write, and off to start reading the Sea King


  on November 30, 2017  -     Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Dear C. L. Wilson,
I feel I must thank you with all my heart for writing those wonderful books. I have read both Tairen soul and Mystral series and have just finished reading the Sea King. As English is not my mother tongue I needed a dictionary for a few words, but that didn’t derogate the total enjoyment of reading your book. Your books are my favourite fantasy stories. I can’t wait to read more. 


  on November 24, 2017  -     South Carolina

My daughter introduced me to the Tairen Soul series. I read them through, when I finished the last book, I started on the first one again. I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!


  on October 7, 2017  -     Tennessee USA

It is wonderful to see your writing taking off is so many different directions. Congratulations I have children who write and am always in awe of the creativity that comes out of writers and artists.

Lisa Callahan

  on September 16, 2017  -     Cleveland, Ohio

Hi C. L. Wilson I have been a fan of the Fading Lands series since its publication. I was wondering when Bel’s story was coming out? I have read all five books repeatedly that they are starting to fall apart !! I love this series. Hopelessly waiting😎😎

C.L. Wilson

  on September 21, 2017

Hi Lisa, I was sidetracked from Bel’s story by the Mystral books, but it’s still in the hopper. At present, I’m trying something new – trying to work on multiple projects at once, in the hopes that when I get stuck one, I can keep moving forward on another. Fingers crossed that the new strategy works (and, yes, Bel’s book is one of the multiples I’m working on.)

Susan James

  on August 25, 2017  -     Weston, WV

Truly love your books.

C.L. Wilson

  on August 27, 2017

Thanks, Susan!


  on August 3, 2017

your Tairen Soul books are my favourites!


  on June 23, 2017  -     Maryland

I loved your Tairen Soul series. It was gripping!

Linda Martin

  on April 27, 2017  -     Texas

Just read Lord of the Fading Lands. Found it very interesting, a little complex in plot. As I read toward the end I’m expecting a resolution to Elysetta’s identity and for the marriage of her and Rain. I was left non-pulsed by the book ending in mid air as it did. I was disappointed the story line was cut off so abruptly and there wasn’t any resolution to any of the storyline. I was looking forward to an explanation of Ellysetta and to Rain finally mated to his true mate. I hated the end of the book. You had a section of 2 fey warriors trying to trace back to when Ellysetta was found as a baby. They found out what they needed then they were killed and the information never was transferred. Why? Seems a waste. The book left a lot of questions and very few answers. .

C.L. Wilson

  on May 3, 2017

Linda, Lord of the Fading Lands is the first book in a 5 book series, and was, in fact, the first half of a 225,000 word manuscript that my publisher required me to split in order to publish it. I warn every new reader I meet in person that they need to have book 1 and book 2, as they were intended to be read as one book.


  on April 18, 2017  -     Illinois

I fell in love with the Fading Lands years ago and love them just as much today. I cannot tell you how many times I reread them. It would be amazing to turn them into a movie!

Jennifer Ma

  on March 20, 2017  -     Ontario, Canada

Hi Mrs Wilson,

I just want to let you know that your Tairen Soul books are one of my favourite fantasy series!

I just finished re-reading all five of them and I’m wondering if you have any plans for Lillis & Keiran, Lorelle & Kiel.

I’m also curious about what happens with Melliandra. Was there a hint of something possibly happening between her and Gaelen?


C.L. Wilson

  on March 26, 2017

The stories for the twins aren’t speaking to me yet. Hopefully one day. I’m in process of working on some Melliandra shorts. :)

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