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  on April 18, 2017  -     Illinois

I fell in love with the Fading Lands years ago and love them just as much today. I cannot tell you how many times I reread them. It would be amazing to turn them into a movie!

Jennifer Ma

  on March 20, 2017  -     Ontario, Canada

Hi Mrs Wilson,

I just want to let you know that your Tairen Soul books are one of my favourite fantasy series!

I just finished re-reading all five of them and I’m wondering if you have any plans for Lillis & Keiran, Lorelle & Kiel.

I’m also curious about what happens with Melliandra. Was there a hint of something possibly happening between her and Gaelen?


C.L. Wilson

  on March 26, 2017

The stories for the twins aren’t speaking to me yet. Hopefully one day. I’m in process of working on some Melliandra shorts. :)

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