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Hey everyone!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been waiting so patiently for my next book. I have been receiving many emails and messages asking for a status update, and although I have been keeping my FB friends updated, I thought I’d better post a blog and website update as well.

For those of you who may not be aware, I lost my father two years ago, and I basically stopped writing for eighteen months. When I finally got back on an even keel, I focused on getting back into the writing groove, and for the first time ever, I successfully won National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) by writing 50,000 words in one month! That 50k was new words on JAGUAR KING! YAY! So the next complete novel from me should be JAGUAR KING, and I hope to have news on that relatively soon.

I currently have several stories in progress. Though my main focus is working on JAGUAR KING, I have several other manuscripts started. The hope is that when I get stuck on one story, I can go work on a different one until I get unstuck; thereby continuing forward progress on a regular basis. That’s the hope, anyway. Fingers crossed!

So, what are the projects currently under way?

  • THE JAGUAR KING – Book 3 of the Weathermages of Mystral series. I’ve received quite a lot of mail asking for an update on this. I currently have 138,000 words written, but have another 30,000-50,000 words to go before it’s done. After that I have to spend several months revising before I submit for publication. I will keep you apprised as the situation changes and will post scheduled release date as soon as I have one!
  • Bel’s books – Fading Lands novel starring Belliard vel Jelani. I actually started it a few years ago and was going gangbusters but had to switch over to THE SEA KING. Frustration and delays ensued, as you all know. But I’m continuing to work on Bel’s story.
  • Melliandra short story(ies)/novella – Fading Lands story(ies) featuring our favorite little Eld girl. I’m not really sure if this project will be a novella, a full length novel, or a series of short stories yet, but I’m working on it and having so much fun
  • Untitled Fading Lands novel featuring the Sief of the Pale (the icy land north of the Feyls). This will either be a novella or a full length book. Not sure yet.

    My BFF Karen Rose and I having a running joke. We both tend to be, uh, wordy. (I’m talking 180,000-235,000 word “bug cruncher” novels.) Then she was asked to write a novella. Her “novella” ended up being 130,000 words, which is the top end range of 400page novel. Her publisher said, “I have an idea! Write novellas from now on!” LOL. Since the last time I set out to write a novella, I kept struggling to keep it to 40,000 words (max novella length), I think we share that problem too. So, I’m hoping to write a novella, but it may end up being a full length book. Not “epic” (ie., bug cruncher length), but still full-length.
  • Untitled Earth Girl Meets Alien book. As part of my grief-therapy reading binge, I started reading sci-fi romance and fell in love. I have started one of my own, which I’m really enjoying, though it will probably be self-published under a pseudonym since its much different from my other work

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Claudia tobar

  on April 19, 2020 : Reply

I fell I love with the Fading Lands years ago. I wish I could read the story of Lillis and Lorelle Baristani. I’m fascinated by the world you created. Loved all the characters but since I first read the novels, I have hoped for the twins story.


  on April 6, 2020 : Reply

While staying safe at home I have had a chance to reread the Fading Lands books and would love love love to read Bel’s book. Please give him a book he deserves it!!!

Sue Erp

  on March 31, 2020 : Reply

Absolutely love ur books i have them all waiting on anything else u write. U and Christine Feehan r mave favs


  on March 19, 2020 : Reply

I cannot wait for the Jaguar King boom. I check back every month!!!! You are one of my favorite authors!

C.L. Wilson

  on March 25, 2020

Thank you, Rachel. I really do appreciate it. I’m so sorry for taking so long.

Idessa Smith

  on March 4, 2020 : Reply

I am soooo very happy to know that there will be more Fading Lands books. Absolutely love them. Especially glad to hear that Melliandra will get her own have been wondering what happened to her. Lost my own Dad 2 years ago this April. You have my deepest sympathy. Know that pain. Reading is what keeps me sane….. hope writing will do the same for you. God bless. Thank you for the great books.


  on February 24, 2020 : Reply

Yes! Still excited for Bel’s book. I’m so glad that’s still in the works!


  on February 13, 2020 : Reply

The loss of a loved one, especially a parent, even when one is an adult, is devastating. I know first hand having lost both of mine within 11 months of each other. The loss never leaves but somehow transforms and thoughts of them become a comfort. Take care of yourself.

I am happy to hear you haven’t abandoned the Fading Lands as this is one of my most favourite series. Waiting…. patiently..lol

Bernice Mills

  on February 12, 2020 : Reply

I am very sorry for your loss, and glad you found your writing mojo again.

I do hope you let your fans know what name the SF novel will be under because I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve been begging people for book recs going basically ‘CL Wilson, BUT WITH SPACESHIPS’ for going on a year now, because your combination of fantasy setting, excellent plots, and romance really gets to me, but I am at heart a sci-fi reader.

Alicia Cummings

  on February 4, 2020 : Reply

I’m waiting for Bel’s story. Thinking him and melliandra could be sheitanitsa 😉

Laura Makula

  on February 2, 2020 : Reply

Hi CL!! Please let us know what your pseudonym name will be once you get those sci-fi books going! I would be really interested. And also can’t wait to read the books coming out! I am a huge fan of yours! XO! 🙂

Brenda Roess

  on February 1, 2020 : Reply

So sorry about the loss of your father. Love all your books and waiting patiently until you get your mojo back to going.


  on February 1, 2020 : Reply

Thank you for the update! Look forward to all your releases


  on February 1, 2020 : Reply

I have been waiting for anything else revolving around the Fading Lands for quite a while now. But I will keep on waiting.

Susan Fox

  on February 1, 2020 : Reply

Cheryl, I am so glad to see this update. Will enjoy a new book from you.

Diane Sellers

  on February 1, 2020 : Reply

I’m so sorry for the loss of your father it’s so hard to loose a loved one. Hugs and prayers for you and your family . I love your books when I read them I am transported into them. I lost my job after 40 plus years to a store closing and my husband lost his leg due to a blood clot . Your books helped me get through these rough times. I am ready for which ever book comes to publication. I have read your books so much they are falling apart hahaha. Bless you for making things in my life brighter and for bringing such happiness my way and to all your millions of fans . Looking forward to your next book.

Robin Tyndall

  on January 31, 2020 : Reply

You have always been my favorite author. Love you and your books.

Amanda Warner

  on January 31, 2020 : Reply

I love your books and I will ALWAYS buy them! Do whatever you need to! I will purchase them all! You are an absolute favorite author of mine!!


  on January 31, 2020 : Reply

So glad to hear you are well and back to writing again. I can’t wait for whatever book you choose to release next!


  on January 31, 2020 : Reply

I’m looking forward to reading your next book whenever it releases. Your books have always made it onto my TBR and to be bought pile. Thank you for the updates.


  on January 31, 2020 : Reply

Thank you for the update! I am so anxiously waiting for Janguar King and I CANNOT wait. Keep doing what you do best! I love your work.

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