THE SEA KING Release Countdown T -4 Days


Only 4– one, two three, FOUR!! — more days until THE SEA KING!!  It’s getting close now!!

To celebrate the release, we’re counting down the days with fun and prizes.  Each day, from now until November 1st, drop by to join the celebration and answer the Question of the Day in the current day’s blog comment section to be entered to win.  (For sweepstakes rules and eligibility, click here.)

The Current Drawing

From now until 10am, Tuesday, October 31st,  stop by the C.L. Wilson blog to answer the Question of the Day (QoD) to be entered to win one of the current drawing’s fabulous prizes and receive a ticket in the Grand Prize drawing.  Each individual QoD you answer gets you another ticket in both the weekly and the Grand Prize prize drawings, so don’t be shy.

You can also comment multiple times a day, just to have fun and be involved, but each participant receives only one ticket in the drawing for each day’s blog post you comment on.  All responses will be tallied after comments close for the final post. The winners will be selected at random from all entries, with all winners of this week’s drawing posted on Tuesday, October 17th.

Today’s Prizes

From now through October 31st, random winners from the eligible pool will be selected daily to win one of the available prizes.  Today’s prizes are:

  • Autographed copy of THE SEA KING (one winner selected)
  • Autographed copy of THE WINTER KING (one winner selected)
  • THE WINTER KING & THE SEA KING autographed Collector Cards and bookmarks (3 winners selected)
  • A $5 Tairen Bucks coupon, which can be used to purchase any item from The Tairen’s Lair, the online store for official C.L. Wilson merchandise (1 winner selected)
  • A complete set of signed Tairen Soul series Collector Cards (3 winners selected)
  • A C.L. Wilson tote bag (one winner selected)
  • A Steli-chakai plushy (one winner selected)

What’s In that Grand Prize?

Two lucky winners will be chosen from all the daily participant tickets accrued throughout the countdown.  (The more you participate, the more tickets you get in the Grand Prize drawing.) Each winner will receive a basket containing the following:

  • Autographed copy of THE SEA KING
  • Autographed copy of THE WINTER KING
  • Autographed copy of ONE ENCHANTED SEASON, the holiday anthology featuring C.L. Wilson’s novella, Upon a Midnight
  • One complete set of autographed C.L. Wilson Collector Cards and bookmarks
  • A $20 Tairen Bucks coupon, which can be used to purchase any item from The Tairen’s Lair, the online store for official C.L. Wilson merchandise
  • Ellysetta Azreisa and Rainier Eras tairen plushies
  • Custom made scented lotion bars, lip balms, and bath salts inspired by the worlds of C.L. Wilson
  • Other trinkets, treats, and goodies that caught my eye

Question of the Day

In honor of Summer, our sweet princess of Summerlea, what’s your favorite summer vacation spot?    


Colleen Whitley

  on October 28, 2017 :

Taking a picnic lunch and kayaking on the Bow River through the city of Calgary, Alberta. You would never believe you are travelling through a city of over a million people. You see eagles and other raptors, water fowl, coyotes and beavers. Whenever our arms get tired we pull up onto the banks for lunch. After 2-4 hrs we are tired but refreshed.

Courtney Tonokawa

  on October 27, 2017 :

I don’t have one, as I haven’t been able to go on vacation for years. But living in Hawaii is kind of like a stay-cation…especially since we had a backyard pool this past summer.

Aurelia Dennis

  on October 27, 2017 :

My favorite summer vacation spot is tied between camping on the beach in San Clemente and camping in Yosemite by the water.

Kat Wilson

  on October 27, 2017 :

There is a place my parents rented twice, ita in Siesta Key. A blue Cindi eith a pool just across the street from the beach and bear a few bars that light up at night. The air smells of salt and the fronds rustle over the pool and cast there shadows over the blue water. I could walk over the sand covered street to the beach and back…I have the best memories there.

Erica Sandman

  on October 27, 2017 :

As far as Summer goes… my favorite vacation spot would be… Peru. I really enjoy the Amazon Rainforest.

Erica Sandman

  on October 27, 2017 :

OMG… that quote on Facebook. DAAAMN

Reina escobarzelaya

  on October 27, 2017 :

Melbourne Australia coast line just beautiful

Angela Johnson

  on October 27, 2017 :

The beach. Any beach as long as its with family and friends. Relax and enjoy swimming, sunning and picnicing with those you love <3


  on October 27, 2017 :

National parks (yellowstone!)

Stephanie Wallace

  on October 27, 2017 :

I grew up going to Disney World and Florida, I think just for the memories that is my favorite.

Melissa Garrison

  on October 27, 2017 :

Ocean isle NC

Kat T.

  on October 27, 2017 :

Definitely the beach.

Lisa Ayers

  on October 27, 2017 :

Walt Disney World! It is my go to place. I would live there if I could!


  on October 27, 2017 :

Floating the Illinois River!

Sarah C.

  on October 27, 2017 :

Lake cabin!

Janie McGaugh

  on October 27, 2017 :

Any place where there are mountains!

Zoe Miles

  on October 27, 2017 :

The Oregon coast it’s so rocky and untamed and usually not horribly hot there. It’s one of my favorite places in the world.


  on October 27, 2017 :

Somewhere near water.

Jennifer Hubbard

  on October 27, 2017 :

Disneyworld with my family


  on October 27, 2017 :

Italy. Hot sun, gelato and history.