THE SEA KING Release Countdown T -23 Days


Only 23 more days until SEA KING!!

To celebrate the release, we’re counting down the days with fun and prizes.  Each day, from now until November 1st, drop by to join the celebration and answer the Question of the Day in this blog’s comment section to be entered to win.  (For sweepstakes rules and eligibility, click here.)

Current Drawing

From now through the Monday October 9th countdown post, stop by the C.L. Wilson blog to answer the question of the day and enter to win. You can comment multiple times a day, just to have fun and be involved, but each participate receives only one ticket in the drawing for each day’s blog post you comment on.  All responses will be tallied after comments close for the final post. The winners will be selected at random from all entries, with all winners of the first drawing posted on Tuesday, October 10th.

Prizes to Be Awarded

On Tuesday, October 10th, random winners from the eligible pool will be selected to win one of the available prizes:

  • Autographed copy of THE SEA KING (one winner selected)
  • Autographed copy of THE WINTER KING (two winners selected)
  • THE WINTER KING & THE SEA KING autographed Collector Cards and bookmarks (5 winners selected)
  • A $5 Tairen Bucks coupon, which can be used to purchase any item from The Tairen’s Lair, the online store for official C.L. Wilson merchandise (1 winner selected)

Question of the Day

If you could go to one readers conference/event (like Romantic Times convention, DragonCon, ComicCon, World Fantasy, Georgia Romance Writer’s Moonlight & Magnolias, etc.), what would that be?   


Jenny Dorsett

  on October 8, 2017 :

DragonCon!!! 😮 I have wanted to go to DragonCon for YEARS!!! I can never seem to make the time to go tho. 🙁

Monica Becerra

  on October 8, 2017 :

ComicCon!!! I’ve been wanting to go for YEARS!

Bridget Clark

  on October 8, 2017 :

San Diego Comic Con, the panels there seem amazing

Linda Olivarez

  on October 8, 2017 :


Elise K.

  on October 8, 2017 :

I love attending comic-con each year but I think I’d love to go to DragonCon or even E3, which is an annual video game convention, if given a chance.

Amelia Havens

  on October 8, 2017 :

Dragon Con

Wendy Beck

  on October 8, 2017 :

Ooh! Though question. Dragon Con with RT a close 2nd

Sue Voris

  on October 8, 2017 :

If money is no object Romantic Times Book Convention.


  on October 8, 2017 :

Dragon Con has always been too far from me to attend, so I pick that one.

Helen Hernandez

  on October 8, 2017 :

I would go to comic con

Lindsey Tong

  on October 8, 2017 :

ComicCon! I went once and had such a blast.


  on October 8, 2017 :

Definitely DragonCon!! That would be so amazing.

Colleen Whitley

  on October 8, 2017 :

I think i would prefer dragoncon or world fantasy. Some day i would love to travel down to the US and attend one of these conventions.


  on October 8, 2017 :


Selina M

  on October 8, 2017 :

I was on MagicCon in Germany. Was very cool. I want to go to World Fantasy or Dragon Con.


  on October 8, 2017 :

Romantic Times convention to experience something new… already been to ComicCon once.

Stacy Hansen

  on October 8, 2017 :

Comiccon…..i want to be elle

Rex Anne

  on October 8, 2017 :

Oh! Definitely Comic*Con so I could be a 1980s Rogue haha!


  on October 8, 2017 :

I would like to go to Romantic Times or DragonCon.


  on October 8, 2017 :

I’ve never been to one but I’d love to. Since I love fantasy and romance it would probably be world fantasy.