CL Wilson Book Giveaway Winners


I had severalSea King Cover books get a little banged up in shipping to/from Readers ‘N ‘Ritas last year, so I’m decided to do a giveaway to five winners. Thanks to everyone who participated.

And the winners are:

King of Sword and Sky BookReceiving a signed copy of THE SEA KING:

  • Vi Truong
  • Leannie Ly

Receiving a signed copy of KING OF SWORD AND SKY:

  • Nichole Baumgartner

Queen of Song and Souls Book
Receiving a signed copy of QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS:

Crown of Crystal Flame Book

  • Gladys Schuerg


And receiving a signed copy of CROWN OF CRYSTAL FLAME:

  • Lisa Ayers


I also promised to pick five names at random from my mailing list to receive a signed copy of THE SEA KING.  Those winners are:

  • Paula Howard
  • Melisa Hollingsworth
  • Rose Mwayungu
  • Jennifer lirai22@…
  • Marlene Frazier

Congrats to all winners.  I’ll be contacting you shortly for your mailing address.

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  on May 9, 2018 : Reply

When are more books coming???!!!!! I loved this series one of my favourites more Tairen soul please


  on April 18, 2018 : Reply

hope you are going to write more books, esp in the Tairen Soul series…what about Galen & the rest of our boys finding love?

Aishwarya BK

  on March 2, 2018 : Reply

Your Writing ! ❤️😍 Always Looking forward to your releases ! Can we have more of Tairen Souls please 😍 Thank You So So Much 😘

Linda Hollenbeck

  on February 18, 2018 : Reply

can’t wait for your next book,you get lost in their worlds and can’t stop reading


  on February 7, 2018 : Reply

Yay!! Thank you so much!!!