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Krista D Jones

  on February 28, 2017 : Reply

YAY!!!!! So happy to hear there’s a date! Can’t wait to hear the wonderful story you’ve written! I absolutely LOVE your work but I understand the anxiety and the depression and I am MORE than happy to wait as long as needed for each work of genius you come up with. I just appreciate you sharing with us. <3

C.L. Wilson

  on March 3, 2017

Thanks so much, Krista. I have been overwhelmed with such an outpouring of support since my post for mental illness. I’m so humbled and thankful and also more determined than ever not to let down the people who do understand and are willing to wait on my admittedly crazy brain to get back on track :)

Jessica Price

  on February 21, 2017 : Reply

Will this be available for pre order on Amazon?

C.L. Wilson

  on March 3, 2017

Yes, it will. I just emailed my editor to check on when we can expect that.


  on February 18, 2017 : Reply

I’m so so so so so……👍💟💞💞 EXCITED!!!! I visit your website every once in a while in the hopes of seeing “The Sea King”. WOW, you did it Cheryl, you’ve made my whole year! Oct. 31, 2017 seems like a long time.
You’ve made this woman, Josephine Coleman, exceedingly happy. Thank you, Cheryl and Avon/Harper Collins publishers. All Hallows Eve, the day before All Saint’s Day, will be a wickedly good day and a prayer of thanks! I know Cheryl, that you get my double meaning on that
sentence. The meaning to everyone else who do not know is this: The Sea King will be available on Halloween ( All Hallows Eve, day before a Holy day ) the next day Nov. 1 is All Saints Day ( prayers to All Saints ). A lot of people think that Halloween is evil, but it’s not. Centuries ago the Church established that day as a hallowed (meaning of course Holy) day to prepare yourself before (eve) a Holy day. I truly apologize and I hope I did not offend you or anyone else reading this post. Please believe that I am not preaching anything to anyone. It’s just a simple fact about what Halloween means. Anyway, I will pre-order The Sea King both by paperback book and when I am not near a real book, hopefully Amazon.com will have it as an eBook. Yay! I love you, your imagination and brave heart! Thank you so very much! P.S. When will you be starting on Bell’s book?

C.L. Wilson

  on March 3, 2017

Thanks bunches, Josephine, and I love the history of Halloween :) As for Bel’s books, I don’t have to start on it – that’s already done. Just have to get back to it. Write now, I’m juggling JAGUAR KING, a Melliandra short story, a Fading Lands novella, and Bel’s book. (trying something new in an effort to keep moving forward on at least one project even when I get stuck on another). fingers crossed.