People of Mystral

Meet a few of the people you’ll find between the pages of my Mystral novels:


  • Khamsin Coruscate Known as Storm, this fiery, passionate princess of Summerlea has spent her life as an outcast, feared for the wild violence of her weather gift, the power of storms, and blamed by her father for the death of his beloved queen, Khamsin’s mother, Queen Rosalind. More than anything, Khamsin longs for the love and acceptance she has been denied all her life.
  • Verdan Coruscate Driven mad by grief, Summerlea’s king blames his youngest daughter and her wild storm magic for the death of his beloved wife. Now, with the conqueror Wynter Atrialan demanding to wed a Summerlea princess as the price of peace, Verdan sees a chance to rid himself of the child he despises once without calling a curse upon his House.
  • Falcon Coruscate The handsome, roguish Prince of Summerlea cast two kingdoms into war when he stole an ancient Wintercraig treasure and ran away with the Winter King’s beautiful betrothed. But when the stolen Book of Riddles promises to lead him to Blazing, the legendary magical sword of Summerlea’s greatest king, Falcon is determined to win back his conquered kingdom.
  • Tildavera Greenleaf See Havenfolk
  • The Seasons Spring, Summer and Autumn, the famed Seasons of Summerlea, are King Verdan’s much-beloved eldest daughters. Unlike Khamsin, the Seasons receive the full love and devotion of their father. Despite Verdan’s attempts to keep his youngest daughter ostracized, however, the Seasons have spent their lives sneaking off to visit their youngest sister in secret, helping her in whatever ways they can.
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