Poetry of Eloran

Explore the poetry and legends of Eloran. Some of these are nursery rhymes and others are tales of sorrow or love.


The Tairen’s Lament, Fey Nursery Rhyme

Loudly, proudly, tairen sing,
As they soar on mighty wings
Softly, sadly, mothers cry
To sing a tairen’s lullabye


From the epic poem Rainier’s Song by Avian of Celieria

Beautifully and fearfully wrought,
by dread magic splendored,
with passion’s fire his soul does burn,
in sorrow his name be whispered


The Elements of Love, a poem by Aileron v’En Kavali of the Fey

My beloved is the sun
And I am the earth that thrives only in her warmth.
My beloved is the rain
And I am the grass that thirsts for her quenching kiss.
My beloved is the wind
And I am the wings that soar when she fills me with her gentle strength.
My beloved is the rock
Upon which rests the happiness of all my days.


Tairen’s Flight, by Cadrian vel Sorendahl, Tairen Soul

With wings unfurled and joy unbound,
I dance on laughter spangled winds.
I bathe in freedom’s rushing breath
And drink cool nectar from the clouds.
Up, up, through sunlit fields of blue,
I soar through boundless ether.
Look! Starlight shines at height of day.
I hear infinity calling.


Chorus from Ten Thousand Swords, a Fey Warrior’s Song

Ten thousand swords before you, ten thousand daggers drawn.
Ten thousand lives defend you, ten thousand warriors strong
Our blood will spill ten thousand times
In hope, ten thousand sigh
For love we face ten thousand deaths
With joy, ten thousand die
Ten thousand Fey before you, ten thousand fierce and tall,
Ten thousand souls protect you, beloved of us all


The Blade, a warrior’s poem by Evanaris vel Bahr

Cold kiss
Bright steel
Sharp bite
Black blood
Red death
My friend


I am Fey, a warrior’s poem by Evanaris vel Bahr

I live
I fight
I bleed
I die
For love.
I am Fey


Sariel’s Lament by Avian of Celieria

In sorrow, the blood-sown earth despairs,
and granite stone weeps bitter tears.
In fields once green, love lies entombed beneath a silent lake of glass
Forged in raging tairen flames, dark with the death of dreams.
There, shades of men and once-great kings yet battle evil’s tide
While silvery maidens softly dance and sing of love that died.


The Battle of Eadmond’s Field from Rainier’s Song by Avian of Celieria

On mighty wings, the tairen soared through skies set flame by fiery roar;
Below, with bright and deathly grace, fought legions of the shining Fey.
So proud and fulsome fierce their stand against demon, mage and witchly hand
That shei’dalins, in flowing red, wept for the brave immortal dead


Tairen, Tairen by Kimall vel’En Belawi

Tairen, tairen, soaring high
Undisputed king of sky
Which great god did fearless chance
To cast thy bold magnificence?


Call to Battle, a Fey Warrior’s Song

Sing and dance the razor’s edge, men
Weave your magic well and strong.
Let your steel drink deep of blood, Fey
Loose the tairen in your souls.


Farewell Brave Soul, a Fey Warrior’s Lament

Farewell, dear brave and valiant soul, soar high on gilded wings,
And dance the glorious, sunlit skies
While songs of honor sing
Till once again the Gold Horn sounds, your soul to battle calls
And shining bright as gods-forged flame,
You triumph over all.


Sorrow’s Garden by Mara vol Elias

Though once with joy our garden greened
Love’s blossoms fade round salted spring
My heart is lost, my hope is gone
And sorrow now my only song.


Tairen Dreams by Jion vel Baris, Tairen Soul

I dream of wing and fang and pride
I dream of venom, swift and sure
I dream of song and cloud and sky
I dream of flame that scorches pure
I dream of dancing crystal winds
As high aloft I soar
I dream of enemies and prey
That flee my fiery roar


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