Languages of Eloran

Explore the poetry and legends of Eloran. Some of these are nursery rhymes and others are tales of sorrow or love.

Celierian Language

bell – hour

chime – minute

dorn – a large, sleepy round rodent. Eaten in stews. A “soggy dorn” is a very unhappy creature, who whines and whimpers.

Lady Asha – goddess of health, hearth, and family

Lord Adelis – God of Light.

Lord Seledorn – God of Darkness, Lord of Shadows.

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Elden Language

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Feyan Language

aiyah - yes

ajiana - sweet one

bas'ka - all right

beylah vo - Thank you (literally, thanks to you)

bote cha! - Blades ready! (Weapons at the ready!)

cha'kor - five knives. Fey word for "quintet"

chadin - "little knife"; literally "small fang"; a student in the Dance of Knives. Each student is paired with a mentor who guides their progress through 400 years of training in the school. It is an apprenticeship of sorts, though many teachers will contribute to the actual education.

chervil - a Fey expletive. Bastard, as in "you smug chervil"

doreh shabeila de - so be it (so shall it be)

jaffed - a Fey expletive. "screwed" as in "We'd be jaffed if that happened."

kabei - Good

Kem'falla - my lady

Kem'san - My love/ My heart

las - Peace, hush, calm

liss - Light

Mei'felani. Bei'santi. Nehtah, bas desrali. - Live well, love deep. Tomorrow, we die.

Miori felah ti'Feyreisa! - Joy to the Feyreisa! (Joyful life to the Feyreisa)

nei - no

pacheeta - A silly bird, not very smart

porgil - belly-crawling creature

rultshart - a very smelly, boar-like animal

setah! - Enough!

sha vel'mei - you're welcome

shei'tan - husband / truemate / beloved

shei'tani - wife / truemate / beloved

sieks'ta - I have shame. (I'm sorry; I beg your pardon)

teska - Please

Ver reisa ku'chae. Kem surah shei'tani - Your soul calls out. Mine answers, beloved.

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