Lands of Eloran

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The Fading Lands

Shrouded behind an impenetrable curtain of magic known as the Faering Mists, the Fading Lands are home to the Fey, a race of legendary, fiercely powerful immortals. Also called the Shining Folk for their incomparable beauty and the faint luminosity of their pale skin, the Fey are champions of Light who throughout the millennia have willingly sacrificed themselves again and again to defeat the forces of darkness in the World. Their greatest enemies are the followers of Seledorn, God of Shadows, chief among them the dark-souled Mages of Eld. The Fey used to mingle freely with other races, but after the devastation of the Mage Wars, they returned to the Fading Lands, erected the Faering Mists, and withdrew from the World.


Geographically, the Fading Lands is well-isolated from its neighbors. An impassible volcanic mountain range called the Feyls borders the north and merges with an equally formidable non-volcanic range called the Rhakis which runs north and south along the eastern border. Elvia’s Valorian and Silvermist mountains protect the Fading Lands’ southern border, and the Lysande Ocean and the rolling hills of the Vanyas mountains guard the west. The only easy entrance into the Fading Lands is through the Garreval, a ten-mile wide pass leading from the mortal kingdom of Celieria between the southernmost peaks of the Rhakis and the northernmost mountains of the Valorian range. A towering fifty foot wall and the Faering Mists keep the Garreval blocked from all would-be intruders. Once a vast desert, thanks to the magic of the Fey, the Fading Lands is a paradise of legendary beauty.

Cities and Villages of the Fading Lands

  • Dharsa – The Shining City, capital of the Fading Lands. Built of white stone, its many towers capped by gleaming gold spires and domes, Dharsa rises like a jeweled crown from the rich greenery of its surrounding, forested hills. The city itself is situated on a ring of five outer hills, all circling a larger central peak, upon which is build the immense, shining palace of the Fey king. Breathtakingly beautiful, Dharsa’s graceful white and gold buildings soar amid terraced gardens, and trees laden with scented blossoms and plump, shining fruit. Water cascades from breathtaking fountains and artfully arranged cliffs, feeding streams that wind down the hillsides and feed into the wide, shining ribbon of the river Faer. The Hall of Scrolls, the Warriors’ Academy, and the Hall of Truth and Healign, are all located in Dharsa.
  • Elverial – Elvish-inspired woodland village, nestled in the forests at the base of the Silvermist mountain. Birthplace of Rainier vel’En Daris’s mother, Kiaria. The mountain streams of Elverial feed the Crystal River that runs across the southern Fading Lands and pours into Tairen’s Bayat Tehlas.
  • Lissilin – Light of the East, an abandoned Fey city in the eastern desert of the Fading Lands. Once a thriving Fey city, the magic of Lissilin’s Source died, and the Fey inhabitants abandoned their homes.
  • Blade’s Point – Perched on the craggy promontory of the same name, Blade’s Point is the location of the great tairen-fired forges of the Fey, where Fey steel is created and shaped into armor and weapons by master craftsmen.
  • Cresse – Located at the mouth of Tairen’s Bay, Cresse is the location of the legendary Ivory Towers of Cresse, where the golden tairen Fellana first met the Fey king Sevander.
  • Chatok – the great war fortress guarding the northern mouth of the Garreval.
  • Chakai – the great war fortress guarding the southern mouth of the Garreval.
  • Dunelan – An abandoned Fey mountain city nestled among the highest peaks of the Rhakis on the shores of Crystal Lake.
  • Fey’Bahren – A cave-riddled volcano that serves as the last remaining tairen’s lair, home of the Fey’Bahren pride.
  • Sohta – A mountain city situated at the mouth of pass of Reven Oreth, a narrow, treacherous pass that leads through the Rhakis mountains and through the gauntlet of Kiyera’s Veil into Upper Orest in the kingdom of Celieria.
  • Tehlas – Before the Mage Wars, Tehlas was a thriving port city, tropical and cosmopolitan. Elfeya v’En Celay and her brother Tajik vel Sibboreh were born and raised here. After completing his truemate bond with Elfeya, the famous Lord Death, Shanisorran v’En Celay, retired from the ranks of Fey warriors and settled in Tehlas with his mate, becoming one of the most celebrated chatoks (mentors) ever to teach at the Tehlasian Warrior’s Academy.


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