The Worlds

Every time I write a book, the characters and the worlds they live in become as real to me as my own. That’s the only way writing works for me. I have to “be there.” I have to see what my characters see, feel what they feel. In order to achieve that sense of realism as a fantasy writer, I do a lot of “world-building,” and I wanted to share some of that here, with you.

This section of the website contains a portion of the living encyclopedia I create and maintain for each of my worlds. I’ll be making additional, more detailed reference material available on the Members Only pages of this website in future.

Worlds available for exploration:

  • Eloran. First introduced in LORD OF THE FADING LANDS, Book 1 of the Tairen Soul quintet, Eloran is the home planet of the immortal, magic-gifted warriors known as the Fey, as well as numerous other magical and non-magical races.
  • Mystral. Setting of the novel, THE WINTER KING. Mystral is the home planet of the weathermages of Mystral, which include the royal houses of Summerlea and Wintercraig.