New C.L. Wilson Author Website Launched

I’m so thrilled to announce the launch of my new, updated author website!

Thanks to the talents of friend, fellow author, and web designer extraordinaire, Lisa Paitz Spindler, I have a gorgeous new home on the web! The URL is the same,, but the site’s had a major overhaul and a truly professional beautification. I hope you pop in to check out my new digs.

What’s new and different beside the look:

  • A map of Eloran
  • A reader’s resources area
  • A bookseller’s resources area
  • One-click links to my twitter, Facebook, myspace and goodreads accounts
  • A new and improved News and Events section
  • A website search feature to make information on my site as easy to locate as possible

For me, administratively, the new site allows me greater control over content, so I’ll be able to update information much more quickly.

And I’m not done yet! I’ve got several new exciting additions to the website in the works, including a Members Only section that will be chock-full of great info, so do check back.

As always, beylah vo! And thank you for your continued support.

26 Responses to “New C.L. Wilson Author Website Launched”

  1. great job. Love it.
  2. Thanks Megan! :)
  3. Wonderful! Hope you are doing well :)
  4. The site looks great. You have a new toy to play with. What fun!
  5. I love the new site. Was so glad to see a bit about the new book. Have been hoping to see it since Dragon Con.
  6. Thanks Hailey, Boone, and Kimberley :) @Kimberley – yes, I stepped away from the story for a while, but I’m glad to be back at the keyboard!! :)
  7. Wow!! The site looks wonderful!! You and your gal pal did an amazing job! I especially loved the FAQ’s and The Store =D I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some steli coffee mugs or should I call them keflee mugs?! LOL! Can’t wait for The Winter King and I hope all is well!!!
  8. @Amanda – thanks! :) I’m really so pleased with how it all turned out. And, YES! i do have a real store in the works that will offer all the merchandise I’ve been giving away for new book countdowns. I was hoping to launch that store along with the website, but still have a few kinks to work out on the backend. Hopefully very soon I’ll be ready to launch.
  9. Great new site….
  10. Love your new website!!! it is so easy to follow. I love the map. Your books are awesome!! Can’t wait for the next one to come out. I’m on pins and needles (as the saying goes) to read it.
  11. Great website i like it a lot glad your back Cl wilson. Hope family is good
  12. Wow. I love the new look. Can’t wait to see what you have planned to add. It’s awesome that you will be able to update easier.
  13. Very nice. Clean lines, easy to read, nice color scheme with the layout. :-)
  14. Great website Girl really like it…still waiting for your next book. Can’t wait.
  15. Love the new site so far. There’s so much to check out. It’s going to be fun
  16. Cheryl- The new site is totally awesome. You guys did a great job!!!! I agree with Amanda-Steli keflee mugs would be amazing.
  17. What a great job Cheryl!!! I’m so happy for you to finally see this stage completed. I look forward to the rest you have in store!
  18. Love the new digs!!
  19. hi cheryl, wow looks awesome…. welcome back!!
  20. I was wondering if you were planning on being at Dragon Con again this year. Your vampire fan would love to see you again.
  21. what about mellisandra? is there a story for her?
  22. LOL, eventually, yes :) I have far more stories than I have time to write.
  23. I can’t wait for a follow up book on the Tairen’s any idea when????? Absolutely loved the series couldn’t put them down. Thank you
  24. Hi Carol, I got out of the forecasting business after QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS was late. I don’t post dates until I turn in manuscripts :) I can tell you I haven’t started the next Fading Lands novel yet, but have brainstormed it. I hope to start on that in the next few months. The next Fading Lands novel will be Bel’s story :) cheers Cheryl
  25. I love your Lord of the Fading Lands and the 6 books following. Now that you have spoiled me I can’t seem to find any others books that make me feel the way these did. :) You are truly blessed. Keep up the great work.
  26. I loved the Fading Land series so much that after I read them, I wait a few months and read them again. I just can’t get enough of Rain and Ellysetta and the whole life time of adventure. Such a beautiful story. Thank you!

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