Crown of Crystal Flame Nominated for Best Fantasy Romance of 2010

I've just received word from the wonderful ladies at The Romance Reviews (TRR) that Crown of Crystal Flame has been nominated by TRR reviewers for Best in Fantasy Romance for 2010.

Although TRR's reviewers selected the nominees, readers will vote to choose the winner.

You can browse all the nominees in all categories and vote for your favorites here:

Only one winner will be chosen in each category.  Winners in all categories will be entered into a drawing for one of several TRR advertising packages. 

Voting will end on March 31. Winners will be announced on April 2.

So please, take a moment to visit The Romance Reviews, check out this year's nominees and vote for your favorite reads of 2010!

8 Responses to “Crown of Crystal Flame Nominated for Best Fantasy Romance of 2010”

  1. Congratulations!! I just voted! Good luck. I am rooting for you! :)
  2. @bjbrown – thanks for the vote, and I do remember you! :) that virtual signing was so much fun.
  3. I just went and voted for your book. I hope Crown of Crystal Flame wins. I hope you remember me. My husband is the one that went to that bookstore for the online chat and was the only male there. Well good luck and can't wait for the winter king.
  4. And thanks to all for voting. IT WON!!! :) YAY!
  5. hello, yours books are fantastic…i love, i read the 5 books in german…i wait for bel’s book. (when you will be publish this book???)….it is so long…so i read all the time your books… i hope that the history will be filmed one time like harry potter or twilight !!! i live in france and i don’t understand that your books are not translate in french…they don’t have chance to read a very good story !! best wishes, valerie
  6. Hi Valerie, Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it has been a long time. For personal reasons, stepped away from writing for a while, but I am back at the keyboard, currently finishing up THE WINTER KING. After that, I return to the Fading Lands to write Bel’s book. I don’t have an estimated release date and won’t until I complete the manuscript. It’s more important for me to write the book the way I think it needs to be written than to release books before I’m happy with them. I hope you understand. Best regards, Cheryl
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I’m SO THRILLED that you won!! You, this book, and this series, truly deserve it. I read Lord of the Fading Lands when it hit the stores. I, along with Everyone Else, was spellbound & instantly in LOVE. I waited with baited breath for each sequel, and was Never disappointed, only MORE Enthralled. I have read your books many, many times. I’ve never done that before, lol. The stories never get old! I’ve enlightened my friends about your powerfully magical writing skills, and they were amazed. No surprise there! You now have new followers, lol. I/we, look forward to your next Creation.
  8. I’m so thrilled Crystal won, the book was fantastic, just the the previous four. Your a diamond among many crystals. Really, my daughter, a cl Wilson too, Cassandra, says I read too much, she is in third year at college, I say you can never read too much. Your books do stand out, thethere are thousands our there but yours sit proudly on the shelf in my small library, the others I donate. I always look for a new one, thank you for the next Fading Land, oh Yes I will also the Winter King. please take, love your new website, <3

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